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Master and doctoral studies have been organized at the Centre for Gender Studies of the University of Novi Sad.
What are gender studies?
Gender studies imply an educational, interdisciplinary programme of higher education within which the questions concerning gender, feminity, identity and power relations have been studied in order to enable both men- and women students to understand more the relations between sexes and to apply this experience in practice.
Why has been the University Centre for Gender Studies founded?
Because gender studies offer the possibility of critical cogitation of sciences, especially when humanities are concerned.
Because the methods, that have been applied in gender studies within the university education in the world, form a part of a general methodological approach in different sciences nowadays.
Because they assert the regard for differences, which points out the violence as an unacceptable way of behaviour and conduct series of concrete actions in order to confront the violence at women.
Because these studies will train personnel, who is required by the new society and which is sensible of the questions concerning gender at different levels of government and in different domains(councils for gender equalities are organized in municipalities. Gender perspective represents a compulsory element of the educational reforms when primary and secondary schools are concerned).
Gender Studies - master studies
Gender Studies - doctoral studies
Professor emerita Svenka Savić, PhD
1. Professor emerita Svenka Savić, PhD, chair
2. Professor Vladislava Gordić Petković, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, deputy chair
3. Professor dr Svetlana Tomin, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy
4. Biljana Sikimić, PhD, SANU Institute of Balkanology
5. Assistant Professor Svetozar Boškov, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy